Wanderings: the new record

There are 10 new songs, nine of which I wrote or co-wrote about my life with some of the best songwriters I know. It has all the singer-songwriter, blues, and soul attitude you could ever need. The music explores perennial themes of love, self-connection, acceptance and home. It’s my hope that this music helps those who are wandering through life directionless to look within themselves and know that all the answers they could ever need in life are in their hearts. I hope Wanderings inspires everyone who listens to realize that their dreams are within their grasp, and that all you have to do is trust yourself inherently. The greatest gift you can give the world is to show others what it means to follow your dreams. In essence, find the way to live a better life; we can turn the darkness into light. It was an honor to have music legend, Steve Cropper, guest on “Green House.”
I’m proud that Wanderings is my first collection recorded in Nashville.

Recorded at RCA Historic Studio C on Music Row, Nashville, Tennessee
Produced and Engineered by Eddie and Justy Productions: Eddie Gore, Justyna Kelley, Juan Contreras
Mastered by Gentry Studer at Epicenter Mastering
Executive Producer: Lelia Sinclair Baldassari


  • Lorenzo Piccone: Vocals, Acoustic, Electric & Weissenborn Guitars
  • Steve Cropper: Special Guest, Electric Guitar on Track 1
  • Nathan Dugger: Electric Guitar on Tracks 2, 5, 7, 8 & 9
  • Devin Malone: Electric Guitar on Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 & 10
  • Eric Montgomery: Bass, Keyboards and Programming
  • Justyna Kelley: Backing Vocals, Tambourine
  • Matt Combs: Mandolin on Tracks 5 & 10
  • Lisa Rossi: Vocals, Backing Vocals
  • Keio Stroud: Drums

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soul searching nuovo disco lorenzo piccone musicista musician

Soul Searching (2017)

This is my first album, all originals songs and Instrumentals featuring the Hammond Player and Grammy Winner Ike Stubblefield, Carlo Aonzo Mandolin Virtuoso and more. Recorded in Italy at Mazzi Factory – Borgio Verezzi.

Blues, Funk and Americana blend together along with a mediterranean spicy attitude.

Lorenzo Piccone: Vocals, Oud, Guitars, Lap Steel, Bouzouki

Andrea Marchesini: Drums and Vocals

Federico Fugassa: Bass

Marco Ferrando: Keys

Marta Giardina: BGV

Margherita Zanin: BGV

Stefano Guazzo: Saxophone

Maurizio Pettigiani: Percussions

Carlo Aonzo: Mandolin

Simone Dabusti: Trumpet

Giuliano Calcagno: Accordion

Stefano Ronchi: Slide Guitar



Live In France / Le Blues Cafè Live